Liam, the walking tour guide was definitely a WOW moment, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed our time with him.

Parker S. , Atlanta, USA.

Even though I was jetlagged Liam carefully guided me through 6 miles (I checked my Fitbit later) of Dublin in all its Christmas finery, it was great, I can’t recommend this high enough.

Breet T., Los Angeles, USA.

I really enjoyed this tour, we had a great guide, Liam Greene. He was very informative, funny and very caring to a person who was not a quick walker as the rest of us.

Aideen O’ B., Longford, Ireland.

Liam was very informed, he had good visual aids, gave the right amount of information but also kept a good balance between facts and entertainment.

Gavin H., Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thank you Liam for sharing with us your passion for Dublin, as well as his fantastic sense of humour. We had a fantastic walking tour and would recommend it to all visiting the city.

Judy C. , Broome, Australia.

Liam our guide gave us an excellent background of the history of Dublin. We kept a good pace but had ample time to orient ourselves to the downtown area.

Dale L., South Carolina. USA.

Liam was a very good story teller, most entertaining and good company. Plenty of laughs and we enjoyed his very Irish sense of humour

Taff T. , Sydney, Australia.

Liam’s tour was the perfect balance of history, anecdotes and beautiful sights. He was extremely well informed and witty. We couldn’t think of a single question to stump him.

Genevieve W., London, England.